Get a Free Job Interview Makeover!

First Impressions: A free job interview Makeover Program for Certified Graduates of The Center for Career Freedom

Get a Free Job Interview Makeover!First you’ll make an appointment for a private consultation for a personal beauty and shopping plan. They will help you plan your makeover and find the clothes and shoes that are appropriate for the interview. They will also recommend where to shop and arrange payment. All you need to get started is to sign up with Jenn for our job development program. See her today!

Happy Shopping & Good Luck!

A survey of hundreds or employers found most make up their minds within five minutes of meeting the applicant! “Personal appearance” clothes, makeup, hair, nails, eye contact etc. are important to over 70% of the interviewers. Only “work experience” was rated more important. Surprisingly, “First impressions” is rated higher than “education”, “professional qualifications” or “references” when employers consider who to hire.

Of course first impressions need to be backed up by performances, but acing your first interview is the number one challenge. To help you look and feel you’re best at your interview, The Center has developed “First impressions”, a program that pays for your interview makeover!

Download a pdf version with a shopping plan worksheet.