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1 East Post Road
White Plains, NY 10601


The Center is located at the corner of East Post Road and Lexington Avenue

On the 2nd floor – one block south of White Plains Hospital

Parking Lots

Maple and South Lexington Avenues
(We pay the parking)


#40 – Stops at the intersection

Group Tours

Group tours are scheduled from 11-1 on Fridays for NFP providers and high schools that wish their clients or students to be aware of NYSED licensed post-secondary vocational training opportunities in their community.

Typically, 5-10 visitors will tour the Center, view a demonstration of our flipped learning model and be assessed on their keyboarding skills.

Visitors will take an animated typing test on the computer and create their own business cards. They get to take home their test results and cards.

This will be followed by bottled water and a pizza party.

To schedule a tour, contact us at  (914) 288-9763