Medical & Dental Terminology & Compliance

Medical and Dental Terminology and Certificate

Course Description

The Center’s medical team created this course to meet the Health Care (hospitals, nursing homes, medical & dental private practices) Sector’s acute need for clerical support personnel with excellent:

  1. Computer skills
  2. Fluency in medical/dental terminology and
  3. Familiarity with DOH’S compliance forms.

Course Curriculum

In this course, you will learn the most often used medical/dental terms for each body system: digestive, endocrine,respiratory, reproductive, circulatory, urinary, nervous, skeletal, and more. The compliance section will introduce you to the OIG Compliance Regulatory Guidelines, HIPAA, DSHA, etc.

Convenient Schedule

Our student-friendly teaching model includes one-on-one Instruction, any day and time(s) that are convenient for you:

  • Convenient class schedule.
  • Free parking and snacks.
  • Call or email Elizabeth A. Edgar, Director of Business Development, for a tour: 914-557-1318, or


Medical & Dental Terminology & Compliance

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