Employment Agency

The Center for Career Freedom is a New York State Bonded Employment Agency

What Employers Want (Craigslist)

WORD - 83%
EXCEL - 79%
(keyboarding) - 21%

After You Get Certified, We’ll Help You Find A Job That You’re Qualified For

Our goal is to help our Certified Graduates find their dream job.

Our Employment Counselors will help you ---

  • Prepare your Photo Resume, Portfolio of Computer Job Skills, Microsoft and/or QuickBooks Certificates and References for your job interviews
  • Conduct a practice interview, Computer Proficiency and Keyboarding speed and accuracy Tests to sharpen your skills and reduce your stress
  • Instruct you on how to find job openings in your field, how to learn what job qualifications the Employer is looking for, the Company’s Website, transportation, dress code, etc.

To explore careers, go to O*NET online: onetonline.org “find occupations”

To find local Employment Ads, go to craigslist.org